I-Pax Finance & Investment Services

We provide you with financial and investment education that make you more financially aware, build your financial management capacity and make you more confident to handle your finances and investments in future.

We can help you build and grow sustainable income so you don't have to always depend on working for someone else all your life. You are responsible for your future, don't leave it to chance, it is not about luck.

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Our approach

Our approach covers the following step-by-step process:-

Get to know you

Get to know you - your circumstances, your financial personality and your financial objectives

personalised strategies

We provide you with personalised strategies to achieve your objectives


I-Pax Finance recommend financial plans and appropriate investment products that offer you the best chance


Partner with you to implement, review and manage your plans

Our Services

Our Financial planning team is ready to help you minimise the risk of running out of cash not just in your current day-to-day living but also over your life time and that of the people you care for the most.


Financial Advisory Services

We provide financial advisory services to our clients aimed at ensuring they achieve their long term objectives and eventually become financially independent. If you don't set goals..

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Investment Services

We provide clients with advice on investment matters, making recommendations on ways to best utilize their money. This involves researching the market place and advising clients on products..

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Wealth Management

Research suggests that over 90% of retirees are unable to maintain the lifestyle and the living standards they had prior to retirement. This need not be so with you.

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